Over 500 institutions use Digital Commons to share, publish, and track the impact of their:

Faculty Scholarship & Research

From previously published, peer-reviewed articles to working papers and conference proceedings, Digital Commons showcases the breadth of faculty work from across your institution.

Student Work & ETDs

With customizable workflows for Electronic Thesis and Dissertation management, publishing tools for student journals and conferences, and a myriad of presentation options for student research, Digital Commons helps to support curricular goals and promote student engagement.

Journal Publishing

Digital Commons is built around commercial-grade editorial management software—with custom designs, and ongoing training and support for editors, you can publish anything from a campus newsletter to a double-blind peer-reviewed journal.

Data Management

Digital Commons is a comprehensive hosted solution for storing, managing, and sharing data. Unlimited storage and support for all file types let you meet data needs from every corner of campus.

Conferences & Events

Make the most of everything that goes on around campus with intuitive tools to plan, promote, and publish events. Customizable workflows and branding give each conference its own look and feel.

Open Educational Resources & Books

Digital Commons offers infrastructure to implement open education initiatives, so students save money and you support retention efforts. Flexible tools let you publish beautiful open textbooks, course materials, and monographs.

Archives & Special Collections

With geolocation, timelines, customizable metadata, and image galleries that let visitors pan and zoom, Digital Commons offers new and dynamic ways to share your campus’s unique collections with the world.

Why Digital Commons?

A fully hosted, comprehensive showcase


Research, outreach, and reference materials

Expert Gallery Suite

Showcase the people behind your institution’s success