Journal Publishing

Most libraries struggle to offer quality journal publishing services, let alone make those offerings scalable or integrated with other research services. Help faculty and students publish scholarly journals through the institutional repository platform that was built around professional-grade editorial software.

  • Flexible workflows, including double-blind peer review
  • Detailed, exportable readership analytics for authors and editors
  • Top-rated SEO increases visibility and impact
  • Support for all content, including data sets and streaming media
  • Access control options for subscription and open access publishing

Let faculty launch journals in emerging fields

Many faculty members want to spearhead journals within their discipline—but commercial publishers are reluctant to launch journals in new or highly specialized fields. Give your faculty the opportunity to start journals that benefit from industry-leading search engine optimization, custom branding and design, and professional-grade peer-review tools.

Support student journals

Student publishing, from lit mags to peer-reviewed interdisciplinary research journals, improves student learning outcomes and support strategic goals on campus. Consistent hosting and branding, along with unlimited training for each new editor and staff member, make sure the journal stays tied to your institution long after this year’s editors graduate.

House archival publications

Whether you just unearthed 62 years of your campus newsletter or need somewhere besides the dean’s desktop to house back issues of the flagship law review, Digital Commons is a secure, hosted solution for archival content.

Increase and measure impact

On-demand readership metrics show editors, authors, and outside stakeholders who’s reading what. Filter, export, and share analytics like search referrer trends, readership by region, country, and industry, and usage trends over time.