Conferences & Events

Live events like symposia and lecture series are some of your campus’s most distinct offerings—too often, their value is lost as soon as the event comes to a close. Make the most of everything that goes on around campus with intuitive tools to plan, promote, and publish events.

  • Manage everything from calls for papers to archived proceedings
  • Custom branding and design give each event its own unique feel
  • S3 cloud storage helps meet preservation needs
  • Leading SEO and impact analytics for conference materials
  • Streaming video and audio capture all presentation formats

Streamlined, customizable workflows for every event

No two conferences are the same, and the way you handle them shouldn’t have to be. Digital Commons lets conference organizers manage the full process however it works best, whether it’s double-blind peer review or simply posting the schedule for a one-day workshop.

Visible, organized proceedings that leverage your event’s success

Don’t let your hard work go to waste by planning a conference that disappears along with the catered lunch. Optimized indexing and discovery in search engines like Google Scholar means everything from musical performances to poster sessions is not only stored but highly visible. For presenters who aren’t ready to make their findings public, flexible access control means that only what should get found does.

Track impact through powerful readership analytics

You don’t just want to know how many people showed up and submitted papers; for a full view of your conference’s impact, use on-demand metrics that show who’s accessing which proceedings. Detailed, exportable readership reports include the institutions and businesses reading around the world—and can help make the case for next year.