Why Digital Commons

With Digital Commons, you get a fully hosted, cloud-based institutional repository, a comprehensive open journal publishing platform, and a seamlessly integrated expert gallery suite for showcasing faculty and their expertise at your institution.

Our unlimited model is meant to help you serve the needs of your entire campus without tapping any IT resources:

  • Unlimited consultation and support
  • Unlimited publications, including journals, books and special collections
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited custom branding and redesigns
  • Unlimited file size and type

Flexible, beautiful presentation for everything your campus produces

What are you working with? Huge datasets? Student journals? Archival images? We’ve got you covered. Our clients use Digital Commons for:

Accurate, visually compelling analytics prove global impact

Find out (and show off) exactly how far your reach extends. From live readership maps to detailed, exportable analytics that filter down to individual authors and all the way up to the entire institution, bepress makes it possible to track and report on the difference your institution’s work is making around the world.

Scalable, hosted, fully supported technology

  • Stop worrying about software and start doing the campus outreach you’ve been meaning to
  • Leading impact analytics and data you can stand behind
  • A thriving, close-knit community of over 500 users inform our model and direction
  • Fully hosted software with 99.9%+ uptime means reliable service without any strain on your IT department
  • Lower cost of ownership: we handle all upgrades, training, and storage for you

Industry-leading search engine optimization for academia

What’s the value of scholarship that stays hidden? Increasing and demonstrating the impact of scholarship is more important for academic communities than ever, and we make it our business to help. That’s why we work closely with Google and Google Scholar to make sure your work is fully indexed and turns up near the top of academic and general search results.

Secure storage to meet preservation needs

You need to make sure your content’s safe—and then move on with your life. We protect your work with a secure infrastructure that includes multiple backups, cloud storage with Amazon Glacier, and options for even more on-demand control and preservation. Open standards (OAI-PMH) and complete institutional ownership give you an escape route, so you can transfer scholarship off the platform if and when you need to.