Who We Are

Ask anyone who’s worked at bepress and they’ll tell you the best part is the people—and we don’t think we’re just tooting our own horn here. We’re a friendly and industrious group of librarians, knitters, and academics in exile. On any given day we’ve got jigsaw puzzles, book clubs, rowdy Scrabble matches, and repository battle stories going in the break room. We’ve got Karaoke Thursdays, a universally adored softball team, and an open stretching group that meets twice a day. Kind of amazingly, our extracurricular habits seem not to prevent us from getting work done, but actually help make it happen; we bring our own strange brand of team spirit to everything we do.


Our team of fearless leaders has its roots in academia, publishing, preschool education, the intersection of law and economics, capoeira, and beekeeping. Really.

Jean-Gabriel Bankier

Managing Director

Eli Windchy

Vice President of Consulting Services

Irene Kamotsky

Global Sales Director

Joel Stevenson

Software Engineering Director