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Announcing a new peer-reviewed journal on world medical policy

Berkeley, CA, November 9, 2009 — The Policy Studies Organization (PSO) and Berkeley Electronic Press are pleased to announce the launch of World Medical & Health Policy, a new journal at the intersection of politics, policy, medicine, and public health.

In 2008, PSO, together with the World Medical Association, conducted a survey in Africa, Asia, and the Balkan regions which revealed a pressing need for a scholarly publication that presents policy on medical and health issues around the world.

"Our journal will provide communities with the information they need," Paul Rich, president of PSO, said. "Six countries are already participating in a pilot program in World Medical & Health Policy that aims to increase the exchange of scientific and medical information."

World Medical & Health Policy will release its first issue on November 10th. This issue will feature articles on the H1N1 influenza, health system reconstruction in Iraq, tobacco control, Japanese physicians, and several issues of social responsibility.

Treating medicine as a cross-cutting function, World Medical & Health Policy offers global interdisciplinary research and analysis which it then translates into policies and practice standards.

"Launching at a time of a great debate in U.S. over the health care reform and the first influenza pandemic of the 21st Century, World Medical & Health Policy couldn't have come at a better time to foster academic discourse around world health," said Gordon Tibbitts, CEO of bepress.

To read the first issue of World Medical & Health Policy please visit:

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