Current Status

All Systems Operational

Ongoing: Cloud Migration

Status Details

There are no reported issues affecting core functions. Please revisit this page for future updates.

Individual sites are being migrated to the cloud during off-peak hours.

To report an issue, please contact your consultant, phone 510-665-1200, opt.2., or email

Previous Updates

We have transitioned to a new support correspondence platform. As a result, the appearance of emails you receive from Consulting Services may change. You may continue to send support requests to the same email addresses as before, but replies will now come from a domain instead of For instance, a reply from DC support will now come from instead of

Scheduled Maintenance

No noticeable maintenance anticipated.

Scheduled maintenance windows typically occur on Thursdays, starting at 4pm, Pacific. Most windows do not have noticeable impact upon visitors and administration. Occasionally the nature of the maintenance requires temporary impact, no more than two hours, upon services. When possible, affected services display a maintenance message, indicating the cause and estimated time to resolution.

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