Bepress Guest Access Policy

Berkeley Electronic Press journals have a unique access policy. With bepress Guest Access, anyone can download and read the full text of articles, at any time, for no cost.

When a non-subscribing reader wants to access the full text of an article, we ask them to fill out a short form that allows us to inform their library of their interest. When there has been significant interest, we contact the library with our Guest Access report and suggest a subscription for the entire campus. Why do we do this? It is a sustainable middle ground between traditional subscription access and full open access that allows us to do the most important thing: make it easy for scholars to access academic research.

The model is designed to assist librarians as well. The Guest Access reports provide quantitative results for full-text download requests from a library's campus. These results show evidence of demand for a journal and can be a valuable tool to determine how to allocate subscription resources. Once a subscription grants unfettered access, many more students and faculty use the journal. Because bepress journals are reasonably priced (about $300 per title, per year; less than half as much as comparable journals) and we have never raised prices, the decision to subscribe is made even easier.

Founded by professors, bepress is committed to sustainable prices and policies for libraries and expansive access for scholars. By choosing bepress journals, scholars and libraries support a proven alternative to commercial publishers who simultaneously raise prices and restrict access.

We hope you will continue to access and recommend the journals you value and we welcome your feedback.