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Bepress announces new journal on public policy and the internet

Berkeley, CA, December 16, 2009 — The Policy Studies Organization (PSO), the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), and Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) are pleased to announce the launch of a new peer-reviewed journal, Policy & Internet.

The first multi-disciplinary academic journal to investigate the policy implications of the Internet, Policy & Internet is extensive in scope, spanning multiple policy sectors and geographical regions. The journal is edited by Helen Z. Margetts of the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University.

"Every day, we see more interest in the policies of the Internet. Research centers and courses are proliferating," says Paul Rich, President of PSO. "This new journal from PSO and bepress will prove invaluable in navigating such a rapidly growing, global field."

In the first issue of Policy & Internet, Helen Margetts examines the scope of the relationship between the Internet and public policy, J.P. Singh discusses the Internet and global governance, Barbie Clarke investigates children's use of social networking sites, and Stuart Shulman analyzes citizens' electronic policy interventions - and how policy-makers deal with them. A 'Policy Perspective' by Robert Hahn and Scott Wallerstein looks at the US national broadband plan and puts forward some recommendations for policy development.

"We are extremely pleased to be adding this timely new title to our Policy List" says bepress President, Jean-Gabriel Bankier. "The Internet is a dynamic landscape that deserves more scholarly attention."

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About Oxford Internet Institute

The Oxford Internet Institute was founded as a department of the University of Oxford in 2001, as an academic centre for the study of the societal implications of the Internet. The institute's research faculty, academic visitors and research associates are engaged in a variety of research projects covering social, economic, political, legal, industrial, technical and ethical issues of the Internet in everyday life, governance and democracy, science and learning and shaping the Internet.

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