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bepress 2007 Prices: Another Year of Affordable Peer-reviewed Journals

Berkeley, CA, November 2, 2006 – The Berkeley Electronic Press is pleased to announce yet another year of affordable prices for our high-quality peer-reviewed journals. Each journal will sell at the same price in 2007 as in 2006. The collection of all journals, ResearchNow Full Access, will be offered at a 30% discount, compared with a 20% discount one year ago.

bepress Peer-Reviewed Journals

For the seventh year running, bepress has not raised the price of any journal. As a result, bepress journals continue to be priced well below industry averages.

Average cost per title: industry averages and bepress journals

All Social Science Journals
  • 2006 Avergage Price: $550.50
  • Average Price Change, 2001-2006: 47%
All Science Journals
  • 2006 Average Price: $1,479.50
  • Average Price Change, 2001-2006: 44%
bepress Journals
  • 2006 Average Price: $270.00
  • Average Price Change, 2001-2006: -16%

Source for industry averages: Table 5 in Lee C. Van Orsdel & Kathleen Born "Journals in the Time of Google: Periodicals Price Survey 2006." Library Journal, 4/15/2006,

“The success of bepress over the past seven years has proven that it is possible to publish high-quality and successful academic journals at affordable prices, without relying on author fees or research subsidies,” said Sean O’Doherty, VP of Journal Sales at bepress.

ResearchNow Full Access (RNFA)

bepress is also pleased to announce the 2007 price for its complete package of journals, ResearchNow Full Access: $6,500. While bepress added 7 new journals to RNFA during 2006 that sell individually for a total of $2025, the price of the package is only increasing by $650 over a year earlier. We have worked hard to keep this increase modest. This year’s price represents a 30% discount on the collection’s total value, even larger than our 2006 discount of 20%.

RNFA includes full access to all bepress peer-reviewed journals, currently numbering 34. RNFA subscribers will get access to new journals added during 2007 at no additional cost.

This past year, RNFA has increased its acceptance in the library community: to mention just a few, new subscribers during 2006 included Arizona State, Indiana University, University of Bergen, Ahila University in Bahrain, University of Paris, and 21 schools from the Carolina consortium.

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